3 Most Potent Cannabis Concentrates that Are Only Suitable for Experienced Users

3 most potent cannabis concentrates that are only suitable for experienced users

If your tolerance is sky-high or you need the most effective effects possible, there’s no better option than cannabis concentrates. Even if you’re an experienced user, cannabis concentrates offer eye-popping THC levels that will make you feel like a beginner all over again.

Read along to discover the three most potent cannabis concentrates that are only suitable for experienced users.

THC Distillate

If you’re in the market for THC levels above 90%, look no further than THC distillate. THC distillate is the name of cannabis concentrates that contain THC — and nothing else.

One of the best choices online in Canada is Platinum Herbal Care’s THC Distillate. At 95% THC, you won’t find anything more potent. PHC’s THC Distillate is the ultimate cannabis experience that every experienced cannabis connoisseur needs to try.

The best part of PHC’s THC Distillate is its versatility. Not only can you dab PHC’s THC Distillate, but you can also eat it or apply it directly on the skin. Whatever method you choose, prepare yourself for an intense experience.

Beginners beware — PHC’s THC Distillate is incredibly psychoactive and boasts hours of profound effects.

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Live Resin

Although live resin doesn’t boast the same THC levels of THC distillate, it does provide an endless array of terpenes.

Studies show that THC isn’t the sole compound that influences the overall effects of cannabis. Terpenes are responsible for a multitude of effects, such as euphoria, relaxation, and more.

Live resin is loaded with both THC and terpenes, which makes it the perfect treat for potent effects.

If you’re ready for a mouthful of flavors and intense effects, look no further than Platinum Herbal Care’s Live Resin. You won’t find anything as flavorful or effective as PHC’s Bubba OG, Mimosa, or Tropicanna Live Resins.

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If you want a mind-blowing experience without breaking the bank, look no further than shatter.

Not only do shatter products routinely offer over 50% THC, but they also contain an abundance of terpenes. Shatter is the go-to product for many experienced users because it’s typically cheaper than live resin or THC distillate.

One of the best brands to try is Diamond Concentrate. Diamond Concentrate is a pioneer among cannabis concentrate aficionados for their potent strains, flavorful terpenes, and unbeatable prices.

Remember, if it doesn’t shatter — it doesn’t matter. You can find the strongest of Diamond Concentrate’s offerings at Platinum Herbal Care, such as Alien Rock Candy, Magnum, and Gelato.

Which Cannabis Concentrate Product is Right For You?

Shatter, live resin, and THC distillate are some of the cannabis industry’s most potent products. If you’re an experienced user that wants more for your money, there’s no better option than these three types of products.

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