5 Situations When Marijuana Edibles Might Be Bad For You

5 situations when marijuana edibles might be bad for you

Cannabis-based edibles are an enjoyable way to experience a long-lasting high, especially when you’re in a safe place. There are times when consuming edibles isn’t such a good idea, and we’re here to describe each scenario that you should avoid when indulging in marijuana-infused edibles.

Consuming Edibles At Work

Are marijuana edibles bad for you? No. Are they bad for you when you’re at work? Yes! This is a situation that you should avoid at all costs because you may lose your job if you’re caught – or worse.

More than likely, your workplace has a zero-tolerance policy for cannabis consumption. If you show up to work stoned from an edible, then you’ve already broken the golden rule of a sober workplace.

Cannabis edibles typically last far longer than smoking or vaping marijuana flowers, and its’ effects are generally considered borderline hallucinogenic. If you’re not an edible veteran, then it’s best if you skip the edible and wait until work is over to enjoy its potent effects.

Driving A Car

Although this sounds like common sense, many edible enthusiasts drive cars while under the influence of a potent edible. Edibles typically take 1-4 hours to take effect, and this long wait time may lead some people to drive their car to head home or go to another location. The worst scenario is when an edible takes effect as you’re driving, and this can prove incredibly dangerous.

Not only is driving while high (from an edible) dangerous, it’s also very illegal. If you’re pulled over, you’ll likely be treated in the same manner as someone who’s being arrested for drunk driving. It’s best to plan your edible experience in a location that doesn’t require a car so that you can ensure that you won’t harm yourself or others with an automobile.

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Going On A First Date

So you’ve finally matched with the boy or girl of your dreams on Tinder. The last thing you should do is show up completely baked from an edible. Unless you’ve both made plans to eat edibles before the date, then it’s best to save the edible for when you’re with your close friends.

Showing up to a first date while obviously high might make the other person feel very uncomfortable, especially if they don’t enjoy cannabis. You should show up in a sober state, so you don’t scare the other person off before the date even begins. So, are marijuana edibles bad for you during your first date? Yes. Who knows, maybe after meeting this person you both can enjoy an edible on the second date.

Participating in High-Risk Sports

Are marijuana edibles bad for you when riding a bicycle downhill at 60+ mph? How about when you’re rock climbing or skiing through a heavily forested area? Any time a situation requires an elevated level of focus, you should avoid edibles at all costs.

High-risk sports, such as cycling, skiing, rock climbing, scuba diving, motorcycle racing, and many others should be avoided when consuming edibles. The reason behind this is because high-risk sports don’t have a large margin for error. A single mistake can cost you your life, and it’s because of this that you should remain 100% focused (and sober) at all times.

Consuming a Large Amount of Alcohol

When you’re at a party, alcohol will likely be involved. Another substance that might be involved is cannabis-based edibles. After drinking a large amount of alcohol, it’s not recommended to mix alcohol and edibles because it can cause an effect that’s normally referred to as the “spins.”

A common effect of the spins is vomiting and blacking out. So, are marijuana edibles bad for you when mixing with alcohol? Clearly, they are.

Avoid These Situations To Enjoy Edibles

When you avoid any of these situations, you’ll likely have an enjoyable experience with marijuana-infused edibles. Edibles are one of the most popular forms of cannabis that people consume, but their potency means that you need to take extra precautions before using them.

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