7 Cannabis Strains That Are Best For People With Depression

7 cannabis strains that are best for people with depression

We’ve all felt the effects of depression at one time or another. It’s when depressive symptoms persist that it becomes a disorder that requires attention. Over 16 million Americans deal with depression each year, and this number is only rising.[1] Luckily, cannabis has been researched extensively to alleviate depressive symptoms. Let’s take a look which at which cannabis strain is best for depression.

Blue Dream

Ever since this hybrid hit the cannabis scene, users all around the world have experienced its’ uplifting and mood-enhancing effects. Its potency is felt immediately, and your depressive symptoms will disappear as quickly as the smoke fades into the sky.

Its’ sweet berry flavor will stimulate your palate, and you’ll feel free to laugh at the slightest joke. If you need a strain to put a massive grin on your face, look no further than Blue Dream. To sweeten the deal, Blue Dream is typically found at most dispensaries, so you’ll never be without this anti-depressant strain any time soon.

Cookies and Cream

This exotic cannabis strain is for those that want to blow their depression to another galaxy. It contains genetics from two anti-depressant strains, which are Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies. Cookies and Cream taste exactly as its name implies: strong tones of raw dough that’s mixed with spices and lime.

This strain is fast-acting and is perfect for those that need to feel relief now. It commonly tests over 21% THC, which means you’ll feel its euphoric effects for hours. Due to its sativa-dominance, you can rest assured that you’ll feel euphoric, social, and have a burst of energy to live your life on your own terms.

Jack Herer

If your depression drives you into seclusion, then this is the strain that will bring you back into the spotlight. When your depression drives anti-social tendencies, you’ll find yourself isolated and unable to express your feelings to others. Jack Herer will help you get back on your feet and into your social circle so that you’re not alone.

This sweet-tasting sativa-dominant hybrid will shatter any social anxiety that you may be experiencing. Additionally, it’ll elevate your mood so that you can enjoy the simple things in life without having to worry about depression.

Granddaddy Purple

Depression isn’t a standalone disorder because it typically arises or is joined by other disorders, such as anxiety. If you’re battling against the seemingly impermeable wall of anxiety and depression, then let Granddaddy Purple wash away your problems with a single puff.

Not only is this classic indica one of the top choices for those that suffer from anxiety and depression, but its’ taste is sure to put a smile on your face. Granddaddy Purple is known for its incredible potency and its ability to instill the most profound sense of relaxation throughout your mind and body.

Girl Scout Cookies

Sometimes, depression arises due to a traumatic event that occurred in the past. This is known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and it’s common that those who suffer from this also experience increased instances of depression.

If you need to defeat an emotional or physical pain that elevates your depression, then Girl Scout Cookies is the cannabis strain that you should reach for. This indica has an incredible amount of THC, and it’s long-lasting effects are sure to leave your body numb against chronic pain or negative thoughts.

Northern Lights

This timeless classic still remains as a potent anti-depressant, and it’s easily found at most medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensaries. Northern Lights will devastate your depression by reducing your stress level to zero. Aside from lowering your stress, this indica will increase your overall relaxation by leaving you worry-free.

If you’re prone to worrying about everything, then use Northern Lights to find your personal Nirvana.

Blackberry Kush

Does your depression increase your insomnia? If you need to kill two birds with one stone, then Blackberry Kush should be your next purchase. This sedating indica is incredibly potent, and you’ll be counting sheep in no time. By relaxing your mind and body, you won’t have the energy to worry about any issues that you may be experiencing. When you’re ready to have a good night’s rest that’s worry-free, look no further than Blackberry Kush.

Which Cannabis Strain is Best for Depression?

After searching through this list, you’re empowered to determine which strain is best for depression and its associated symptoms. Each cannabis strain has a variety of effects, and it’s best if you experiment with these strains when combatting depression.

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[1] https://www.healthline.com/health/depression/facts-statistics-infographic#1

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