8 Best Cannabis Strains For Pain Relief

8 best cannabis strains for pain relief

Whether it’s a small ache or debilitating pain — cannabis is a useful substance that’s been used throughout the centuries to promote pain relief.

If you’re ready to put pain in the rearview, join us as we list the eight best cannabis strains for pain relief.

1 – Alien OG

If you want unadulterated pain relief — look no further than Alien OG.

Alien OG is a stone-cold indica that’s well known to promote relaxation, euphoria, and, of course, pain relief. If you’ve been searching for a potent cannabis strain that’ll put you back in the game, there’s no better choice than Alien OG.

2 – Bubblegum

The Bubblegum strain is as effective as it is tasty.

Bubblegum contains unique terpenes and a boatload of THC to please everything, from your taste buds to achy joints. The Bubblegum strain is a full-blown indica that’s primed to lift your mood and extinguish any lingering pain.

Instead of letting pain overwhelm you, it’s time to break open a pack of Bubblegum and enjoy your life — pain-free.

3 – King Kush

Next up isKing Kush— an unstoppable indica-dominant hybrid.

As the name implies, King Kush will give your body the royal treatment. In other words, you can expect instances of pain to disappear under King Kush’s broad heel. If you’re ready to live like a king — look no further than King Kush.

4 – Bruce Banner

The world is a better place with the help of Bruce Banner.

The Bruce Banner cannabis strain is loaded with immense power to rid pain, anxiety, and insomnia from your life. If you’ve been looking for long-lasting pain relief, Bruce Banner’s sky-high THC content will do the trick.

5 – Jedi Kush

If you’re ready to become one-with-the-force and leave behind the sensation of pain — look no further than Jedi Kush.

Jedi Kush is exceptionally potent and provides lasting-effects that stop chronic pain in its tracks. Furthermore, you’ll be shocked by its intense aroma and flavor that’ll keep you coming back for more.

6 – Holy Grail Kush

As the name implies, Holy Grail Kush is as good as it gets when it comes to pain relief.

Holy Grail Kush is a must-have in your arsenal to combat chronic pain, along with many other issues, such as anxiety or insomnia. From mind-blowing THC content to body-numbing effects, you’ll never regret the day you decided to buy this cannabis strain.

7 – MK Ultra

When it comes to award-winning strains with a pain-relieving touch, there’s nothing better than MK Ultra.

MK Ultra is your ticket to freedom, and you’ll be floored by its potent and long-lasting effects that produce wave after wave of relief. If you’ve been searching for a cannabis strain for pain relief in Canada — this is it.

8 – Platinum Bubba Kush

Last but not least is Platinum Bubba Kush.

Known as one of the most potent indicas in the world, your medicine cabinet should be packed with PBK. Don’t let pain wear you down, and instead, reach for Platinum Bubba Kush when you’re ready to live your life on your terms.

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