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Best Edibles In Canada: Where to Buy Online in Canada

best edibles in canada where to buy online in canada

It’s not a secret — Canadians are increasingly having a challenging time buying edibles in Canada. However, we’ve got you covered on where to buy the best edibles in Canada — hands down. However, you’ll need to read along to discover the answer at the end of the article. In the meantime, we’ll provide the […]

Top 6 Weed Lollipops in Canada (with THC)

top 6 weed lollipops in canada with thc

If you’ve been searching for the best weed lollipops for sale in Canada — look no further. From mouth-watering flavors to heavy-hitting potency, you’ll find nothing but the top pot lollipops in this list. Ready to learn which weed lollipops will rock your world? Read along to find out the top 6 weed lollipops in […]

Shipwreck Edibles: All You Need to Know and Where to Buy Online in Canada

thc infused gummy bears variety pack shipwreck edibles

Do you want to buy the best edibles that Canada has to offer? If so, it’s time you learned about Shipwreck Edibles — one of Canada’s best edible brands to date. If you’re ready to maroon your mind and body in paradise, read this guide to learn everything you need to know about Shipwreck Edibles […]

5 Reasons Why Recreational Endurance Athletes Love Cannabis

5 reasons why recreational endurance athletes love cannabis

It always comes as a surprise when elite athletes admit they love cannabis. The myth that cannabis makes you lazy has become a thing of the past because more active types use cannabis products more than ever. From long-distance trail runners to professional cyclists, cannabis is a go-to product that’s ideal for those that log a ton of kilometers. Read along […]

Best CBD Lollipops in Canada: Our Top Choices


It’s that time of the season — endless sunshine, long walks in the park, and delicious CBD lollipops to help you every step of the way. Read along to see our top choices of the best CBD lollipops in Canada and where to buy the best CBD lollipops in Canada. Jolly Reefers Cherry CBD Lollipop […]

5 Best THC Gummies to Buy in 2020

5 best thc gummies to buy in 2020

Have you been searching high and low for the best THC gummies? If so, read along to learn about the 5 best THC gummies to buy in 2020. Shipwrecked Edible Gummy Bears Just like the name implies, Shipwrecked’s THC-Infused Gummy Bears will have you wrecked in no time. Each gummy bear contains 10mg of potent […]

Cannabis Lollipops: What You Should Know Before You Try

cannabis lollipops what you should know before you try

As cannabis 2.0 rolls into Canada, there’s a lot to understand regarding marijuana-infused edibles – specifically cannabis lollipops. Although these delicious treats are easy to use, there are a few essential facts that you must understand before indulging in one (or two). Read along to understand everything there is to know regarding cannabis lollipops. Pot […]

Where to Buy Marijuana and Edibles Online in Calgary?

where to buy marijuana and edibles online in calgary

If you’ve been tirelessly searching for where to buy cannabis in Calgary – look no further. Although there may seem like there’s a multitude of options cropping up in Calgary, you’d be surprised that most lack the quality you would expect from a cannabis storefront. Join us as we discover where you can buy cannabis […]

How to Have a Safe Halloween With Cannabis THC Edibles

how to have a safe halloween with cannabis thc edibles

Halloween is coming fast – and you know exactly what that means. Candies, brownies, cookies, and drinks loaded with THC are going to be the star of the show. However, with so many potent edibles flying around at each Halloween bash – you’ll need to prepare yourself, so you have the best experience possible. Start […]

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