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What is Live Resin: How to Buy Online in Canada

hindu kush live resin phc extracts buy online canada

When flavor and potency are paramount — there’s no better choice than live resin. However, many cannabis enthusiasts have yet to discover live resin’s terpy profile. If you’re ready to enter a world filled with mouth-watering flavors, it’s time to learn what live resin is and how to buy it online in Canada. What is Live Resin? Live […]

3 Most Potent Cannabis Concentrates that Are Only Suitable for Experienced Users

3 most potent cannabis concentrates that are only suitable for experienced users

If your tolerance is sky-high or you need the most effective effects possible, there’s no better option than cannabis concentrates. Even if you’re an experienced user, cannabis concentrates offer eye-popping THC levels that will make you feel like a beginner all over again. Read along to discover the three most potent cannabis concentrates that are only suitable for […]

Shatter vs. Live Resin: What’s the Difference?

live resin 2

You’ve seen the names so many times as you browse brick and mortar or online cannabis dispensaries in Canada – shatter and live resin. If you’re wondering what separates the two, then read along to find out the vast differences that each holds. Once you’re done reading, you’ll never look at shatter or live resin […]

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