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Everything You Need To Know About Psychedelic Mushroom Strains

everything you need to know about psychedelic mushroom strains

Psychedelic mushrooms have been used for centuries for religious and spiritual purposes. But recent studies have shown that these mushrooms may also hold therapeutic benefits. There are many different types of psychedelic mushrooms, and each one has its own unique characteristics. This blog post will discuss the various strains of psychedelic mushrooms and their effects. […]

Recipe: How to Make Magic Mushroom Tea

recipe how to make magic mushroom tea

Drinking magic mushrooms as a tea has become a go-to method of consumption and one we recommend. The reasoning is two-fold: The tea is definitely more pleasant to consume than chewing dried mushrooms and it’s much easier on my stomach. And, the time it takes to prepare the psychedelic brew has evolved into a precious […]

Transkei Cubensis Magic Mushrooms: All You Need to Know

transkei cubensis african mushrooms for sale canada 01

If you’re looking to buy magic mushrooms in Canada that’ll make you say woah — your search is over. Meet Transkei Cubensis— the ultimate shroom that packs breathtaking potency. From its origin to its outrageous open-eyed effects, Transkei Cubensis has everything a psychonaut could dream of. Read along and discover everything you need to know about the legendary […]

Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms: All You Need to Know

golden teachers magic mushrooms for sale canada 03

Whether you’re a beginner or a stone-cold psychonaut, it’s a good idea to understand everything about select magic mushroom varieties. Of all the shrooms that you can buy in Canada — Golden Teacher stands above the rest. From its life-changing revelations to its ultra-fast onset, Golden Teacher shrooms are unlike anything you’ve everexperienced. Read along and […]

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms: All You Need To Know

penis envy magic mushrooms buy online canada 04

Now that magic mushrooms are trending in Canada, it’s time to learn about which shroom offers the best effects of all. Join us as we showcase Penis Envy magic mushrooms — one of the world’s most potent strains of psychedelic mushrooms. As you read along, you’ll discover its effects, therapeutic qualities, and much more. What is […]

Where to Buy The Best Magic Mushrooms in Canada

where to buy the best magic mushrooms in canada

Whether you seek magic mushrooms to experience a profound trip or for medical purposes, Canada is one of the few countries that allow it. Read along to find out where to buy the best magic mushrooms in Canada. What Are Magic Mushrooms? Before you fill your shopping cart with magic mushrooms, let’s take a look […]

Blue Meanies Hallucinogenic Mushrooms: All You Need to Know

blue meanies magic mushrooms for sale canada 02

If you’re ready to experience the trip of a lifetime, Blue Meanies mushrooms are all you’ll ever need. Blue Meanies are one of the most potent magic mushrooms on the planet. They are becoming widely popular as many countries second-guess their magic mushroom laws. Read along to understand everything you need to know about Blue Meanies, […]

Amazonian Magic Mushrooms: All You Need to Know

amazonian magic mushrooms buy online canada 01

When the topic of potent magic mushrooms comes up – only one type of psychedelic mushroom comes to mind. Psilocybe cubensis, also known as the Amazonian Magic Mushroom, takes the cake for potency, yield, and looks. Read along to understand everything there is to know about Amazonian Magic Mushrooms, such as visual characteristics, potency, effects, […]

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