Citrus Haze Strain Review & Where to Buy Online in Canada

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Whether hitting the Nordic track during winter or sending your MTB during summer — there’s nothing like a sativa-dominant strain to get your blood moving.

If you’re ready to embrace the great outdoors, it’s time to learn about Citrus Haze.

The Citrus Haze strain is loaded with energetic features stimulating the mind and body. Below, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the Citrus Haze strain, such as its THC potential, terpene profile, and where to buy it online in Canada.

Citrus Haze (Sativa) Buy Online Canada

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The History of the Citrus Haze Strain

Although it isn’t clear who bred the original Citrus Haze strain — we do know its genetic background: Lemon Haze and Citrus Sunshine.

With two powerhouse sativa parents, Citrus Haze is an electrifying strain set to knock your socks off. Since its release, Citrus Haze has gained fame among cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients for its impressive effects and flavors.

The Bag Appeal of the Citrus Haze Strain

The Citrus haze strain shines in glory thanks to its blown-out calyxes and medium to large-sized buds.

The calyxes are light lime green and drenched with massive trichomes that act like superglue. Additionally, Citrus Haze produces an astonishing number of bright orange pistils, making each bud look like a firework show.

The Terpene Profile of Citrus Haze Strain

The Citrus Haze strain is packed with distinct flavors and aromas thanks to its impressive terpene profile.

From limonene to pinene, you’ll find ample tones of pungent citrus, sweet pine, and diesel fuel as you unlock a jar of Citrus Haze weed. As for the flavor, prepare your taste buds for a resounding splash of fuel-infused citrus and fresh pine.

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The Effects of Citrus Haze Weed

As you exhale a massive cloud of Citrus Haze, you’ll instantly feel a rush of energy across the mind and body.

As if hit with a massive dose of caffeine, the Citrus Haze strain boosts the mood and generates real-deal motivation. From fatigue reduction to overall creativity, the Citrus Haze strain is a workhorse for anyone who needs an extra boost throughout the day.

Here’s a list of common effects of the Citrus Haze strain:

  • Euphoria
  • Focus
  • Creative
  • Talkative
  • Relaxing

As for medical effects, the Citrus Haze strain is known to reduce:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue

As you can see, the Citrus Haze strain is perfect for anyone that wants to make the most of their day. Ultimately, the Citrus Haze strain is ideal whether you’re a recreational enthusiast or a medical marijuana patient.

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Where to Buy the Citrus Haze Strain Online in Canada

When in doubt — head directly to Platinum Herbal Care.

Loaded with hundreds of top-shelf strains, Platinum Herbal Care has everything you need — including Citrus Haze. Whether you’re B.C. or the Yukon, Platinum Herbal Care ships to every province in Canada.

Don’t wait until it’s too late — Citrus Haze is a favorite among sativa lovers and doesn’t stay stocked for long!

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