Is It Safe to Use CBD on Your Dog or Cat?

is it safe to use cbd on your dog or cat

This is a burning question for pet lovers far and wide. Luckily, the answer to it is a resounding yes. The inevitability of old age or the sudden onset of health-related issues has pet owners scrambling to get the best medicine for their furry family members. Read along why it’s safe for your pets to consume CBD for achy joints, cancer, and a variety of other issues that may keep them from their old selves.

What Reasons Can You Give CBD To Your Pets?

Similarly to humans, cats and dogs can use CBD for a wide variety of issues because they have an endocannabinoid system, too. For those of you that don’t understand what this means – let’s give you a quick recap.

The endocannabinoid system is found in all animals, and it’s the primary system that’s responsible for an animal’s immune system, organ function, memory health, cognitive skills, and other essential functions. The endocannabinoid system consists of receptors that communicate with the rest of the body, and it’s these receptors that CBD triggers to provide beneficial effects.

Now that that’s out of the way, what reasons can you give CBD to your pets? Don’t be surprised when you realize that these are nearly identical issues that humans take CBD to help relieve. Here are a few examples.

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Chronic Pain

Possibly the number one reason to give CBD to cats and dogs is because of chronic pain. This can come in the form of arthritis, back pain, and other forms of joint discomfort. Whether due to old age or injury, CBD plays a crucial role in pain management.


Cats and dogs are very similar to humans, and they can get nauseous just like you and me. Whether it’s due to a windy road or choppy boat ride, cats and dogs will feel instant relief from a small dose of CBD.


Dogs and cats experience anxiety that more than likely puts the human variety to shame. The reason is that they experience fear and uncertainty when they aren’t being pampered. This leads to high levels of anxiety that seen with cats and dogs and is, therefore, one of the primary reasons to give your pets a healthy dose of CBD.

A Safe Dose of CBD For Cats and Dogs

One of the most popular CBD oils for dogs and cats is made by Tetra Healing Club and offered by Platinum Herbal Care. This easy to use CBD is specifically formulated for your furry friends and comes in two strengths – 500mg and 1,000mg CBD.

It’s recommended that you give your cat or dog 1mL of CBD tincture per day (with food) and monitor the results. Depending on the size of the cat or dog, you may need to scale the dosage up or down. However, you should always use the 1mL per day as a baseline amount.

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Platinum Herbal Care

Platinum Herbal Care is Canada’s premier CBD and THC online dispensary. Platinum Herbal Care understands the high cost of veterinary care and associated medications, and they strive to make their CBD tinctures for pets as affordable as possible. When you’re ready to give your pet the relief it deserves, look no further than what Platinum Herbal Care has to offer for you and your furry friends.

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