Lemon Kush Strain: All You Need to Know & Where to Buy Online in Canada

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If you’ve been searching for a heavy-hitting Kush indica in Canada — look no further than Lemon Kush.

The Lemon Kush strain is world-renowned for its citrus-forward terpene profile, sky-high potency, and eye-popping bag appeal. Whether you’re a medical marijuana user or cannabis enthusiast, the Lemon Kush strain is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

Read along as we describe everything you need to know about Lemon Kush. Soon, you’ll discover Lemon Kush’s mysterious lineage, mind-blowing effects, and, ultimately, where to buy the Lemon Kush strain in Canada.

Lemon Kush’s Background

One of the most exciting aspects of the Lemon Kush strain is that no one knows its exact lineage.

However, cannabis researchers have presented two possible genetic backgrounds. First, some marijuana experts believe Lemon Kush results from a crossing between Master Kush and Lemon Joy.

Another possibility is that Lemon Kush is a cross between Lemon G and Afghan Kush. Although it’s essential to know the history behind Lemon Kush, it’s clear that there isn’t a definitive answer — yet.

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Lemon Kush (Indica) Buy Online Canada
Lemon Kush Strain (Indica)

Lemon Kush’s Bag Appeal

Next, let’s talk about what Lemon Kush’s flowers look like.

As you open a bag full of Lemon Kush buds, you’ll immediately shift your gaze towards its outrageously thick resin coverage. From top to bottom, each Lemon Kush flower is drenched with potent trichomes that’ll leave your fingers stuck together.

Aside from trichome coverage, Lemon Kush flowers are light green and peppered with bright orange pistils. Furthermore, Lemon Kush’s calyxes are blown out and provide a stunning aesthetic appearance.

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The Flavor and Aroma of Lemon Kush Weed

Before you even think about opening a jar full of Lemon Kush weed — wait!

Unless you’re amongst friends, the aroma of Lemon Kush weed is enough to make bystanders faint. In other words, Lemon Kush is loud and proud, and you’ll fill a room with its dank-lemon-fuel aroma in no time.

The flavor of the Lemon Kush strain is unlike anything you’ve tasted in Canada. From British Columbia to Nova Scotia, it’s unlikely that you’ve gotten a taste of Cali Lemon Kush.

The flavor is filled with ripe lemons, diesel fuel, and a splash of chocolate-covered coffee. Ultimately, Lemon Kush is gob-stopping weed.

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The Lemon Kush strain is perfect for day and night users due to its outstanding and balanced effects.

From the onset, Lemon Kush weed provides blissful euphoria that’ll make you forget about your worries for the next 2-4-hours. From creativity to introspective thoughts, Lemon Kush is a well-rounded indica that’s locked and loaded with relaxing effects.

Additionally, here’s a list of Lemon Kush’s medical effects:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced depression
  • Increased appetite
  • Decreased pain
  • Increased mobility

Where to Buy the Lemon Kush Strain in Canada

If you’re ready to stock up on Lemon Kush, there’s no better place than Platinum Herbal Care.

Platinum Herbal Care is Canada’s premier online dispensary, and you’ll always find a well-stocked supply of fresh Lemon Kush. From unbelievable pricing to top-shelf quality, there’s no better place to buy Lemon Kush weed in Canada than Platinum Herbal Care.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lemon Kush Strain

What are the effects of Lemon Kush?

Lemon Kush is an indica-dominant strain with a potent, heavy-hitting effect that lasts for hours. On the onset, users will experience a relaxed, mentally uplifting high combined with an intense body buzz. As you continue to enjoy this strain, expect to find yourself in a deep state of relaxation and euphoria that may leave you feeling sleepy. For medical marijuana users, Lemon Kush can provide symptom relief from headaches, stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

What is the flavor profile of Lemon Kush?

This strain offers an intense citrusy aroma with notes of lemon zest and sweet berries. When smoked or vaporized, its smoke provides a smooth creamy inhale and a tart exhale with hints of earthiness. All in all, it makes for one delicious smoking experience that can be enjoyed by both newbie smokers and veteran cannabis connoisseurs alike.

How potent is Lemon Kush?

According to lab results from HerbMighty, the average THC level for this strain ranges from 16-20%, making it one of the most potent strains available in North America today. It also tends to have higher CBD levels than other similar strains — up to 2%. This combination makes it ideal for medical marijuana users looking for relief without getting too overwhelmed by psychoactive effects.

Where can I buy Lemon Kush in Canada?

If you’re looking to purchase some top-shelf Lemon Kush flower in Canada, you can purchase it online at Platinum Herbal Care, but clicking on this link.

What type of grower is best suited for growing Lemon Kush?

Because of its strong lemon aroma and thick buds, growing Lemon Kush has been described as “easy” by experienced cultivators — making it great for beginner growers as well seasoned pros alike. It enjoys warm weather but grows moderately well even under cool conditions; however, flowering times tend to take longer under those circumstances (8-10 weeks). Those who do choose to grow this strain should be sure to keep humidity levels low during its flowering cycle in order to prevent mold growth (ideal range 40-50%) and use regular nutrients throughout its vegetation period for optimal bud quality at harvest time.

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