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Many people aren’t aware that dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system, just like we do. That means that our beloved pets can get relief with CBD too.

CBD for pets can help your furry friends feel calm and comfortable. That’s especially true of older dogs and cats who may need relief from arthritis and illness.

If your pet is prone to separation anxiety, CBD oil can help them feel relaxed while you’re away. CBD for dogs can also help them feel less stressed during fireworks or other stressful noisy situations.

CBD oil for dogs and cats is easy to use. Simply drop a bit of CBD oil in their food when you’re preparing their meal.

Products like Tetra Healing Club’s CBD oil for dogs also contain omega-3 oil. The dual action of CBD oil and omegas can support your pet’s heart health, coat, and skin.

Whether your pets are young or old, giving them CBD will keep them at their very best.

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