Pacific CBD Infused Gummies


When the world has you up-against-the-wall — there’s no better option than Pacific’s calming CBD-Infused Gummies.

The world is a stressful place. However, Pacific’s CBD-Infused Gummies are the golden ticket to extended relaxation. From anxiety to insomnia, nothing stands in the way of the therapeutic potential that CBD has to offer. Each pack contains 8 Gummies at 25mg CBD each. Therefore, each pack includes a total of 200mg of relaxing CBD.

Excite your palate with our gluten-free CBD Infused Edibles. Each pack of these Pacific CBD Gummies contains 8 pieces of chewy and delicious gummies that are both sweet and sour satisfying any sweet tooth. Filled with 200 MG of CBD, these easy-to-eat treats offer the benefits of hemp-derived Cannabidiol leaving zero aftertastes.

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Pacific CBD Infused Gummies
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