Ripped Edibles Cannabis Infused Bulk Chewies 1200mg THC


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Introducing Ripped Edibles’ latest product – Bulk Chewies! Get ready to feel with the power of 1200mg THC, these delicious candy bites that pack a powerful punch. With 20mg per piece, our Bulk Chewies give you the perfect dose to get a stronger hit than our popular Bulk Bears.

These soft and chewy treats contain D9 THC Distillate for an immaculate medicated experience. Find yourself floating among the clouds with every chewie as you experience this unique hyped-up high that comes from consuming cannabis candies. Whether it’s for regular medicated use or just a special treat, you’re sure to find enjoyable vibes in each bite.


ripped edibles cannabis infused bulk chewies 1200mg thc buy online canada
Ripped Edibles Cannabis Infused Bulk Chewies 1200mg THC


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