THC Infused Gummy Bears (Peach-Mango) – Shipwreck Edibles

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Set sail on a tropical adventure with Shipwreck Edibles’ THC Infused Peach-Mango Gummy Bears. Crafted with premium THC and a luscious blend of peach and mango flavors, each gummy promises a sweet, succulent escape. Perfect for alleviating discomfort, promoting restful sleep, or simply enjoying a blissful moment. Each pack delivers 150mg THC, with each candy containing a 10mg dose. Discover this fruity delight exclusively at Platinum Herbal Care, offering a delicious and effective way to enjoy cannabis in Canada.

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thc infused gummy bears peach mango shipwreck edibles 2021
THC Infused Gummy Bears (Peach-Mango) – Shipwreck Edibles