Romulan Strain: All You Need to Know & Where to Buy Online in Canada


Whether you root for Starfleet or Klingons — everyone can agree that the Romulan strain is one of the best weed varieties in the universe.

From body-numbing effects to pine-laden flavor, the Romulan strain is loaded with desirable indica traits. However, the Romulan strain isn’t readily available to buy in Canada — until now.

Below, you’ll discover Romulan’s history, aesthetic appeal, terpene profile, effects, and, ultimately, where to buy the best Romulan weed in Canada.

Romulan’s Background

The Romulan strain was allegedly created by crossing North American Indica and White Rhino.

However, Romulan’s lineage is not entirely clear because there are a few different accounts. One historical figure, Romulan Joe, claims that Romulan is a landrace variety brought back by soldiers during the Korean War.

In any case, the Romulan strain has won the hearts and minds of medical marijuana patients and cannabis enthusiasts since its introduction.

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Romulan’s Bag Appeal

The Romulan strain is one of the most incredible flowers you’ll ever set your eyes on.

From dreamy purple calyxes to thick resin crystals, the Romulan strain is nothing but top-shelf. Additionally, the flowers from the Romulan strain are outrageously dense, making them worth their weight in gold.

The Flavor and Aroma of Romulan Weed

The terpene profile of Romulan weed is described as epic.

As you unlock a jar full of the Romulan strain, your nose will immediately smell pungent pine, sweet jasmine, and pure earthy undertones. Overall, Romulan weed is loud, so be careful where you open a bag of it!

As for the flavor, prepare your taste buds for a wild ride. The Romulan strain produces flavors of sweet pine sap, pepper, and fresh herbs (such as lemongrass and thyme).

Although the flavor is alluring, beware of overindulging in the Romulan strain — it packs a punch!

The Effects of the Romulan Strain

Romulan is known to produce over 18% THC without breaking a sweat.

Therefore, beginners and more experienced cannabis consumers should go easy with the Romulan strain. The effects range from heady bliss to downright sedation, meaning Romulan is perfect as an evening or nighttime treat.

Additionally, the Romulan strain is known to:

  • Increase awareness
  • Stimulate laughter
  • Short-lived energy
  • Sleepiness

As for medical attributes, the Romulan strain provides:

  • Decreased pain
  • Decreased insomnia
  • Reduced stress
  • Decreased depression or anxiety
  • Increased motivation

Where to Buy the Romulan Strain in Canada

It’s not easy to buy the Romulan strain in Canada — unless you shop at Platinum Herbal Care.

Platinum Herbal Care specializes in hard-to-find cannabis strains, such as Romulan. Once you buy the Romulan strain from Platinum Herbal Care, you’ll find top-shelf buds delivered directly to your door in no time.

Don’t wait until it’s too late — the Romulan strain is a favorite amongst cannabis enthusiasts in Canada!

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