Shipwreck Edibles: All You Need to Know and Where to Buy Online in Canada

thc infused gummy bears variety pack shipwreck edibles

Do you want to buy the best edibles that Canada has to offer?

If so, it’s time you learned about Shipwreck Edibles — one of Canada’s best edible brands to date. If you’re ready to maroon your mind and body in paradise, read this guide to learn everything you need to know about Shipwreck Edibles and where to buy them online in Canada.

What Are Shipwreck Edibles?

Shipwreck Edibles is a Canadian cannabis brand that specializes in gummy-based edibles.

However, Shipwreck Edibles goes above and beyond basic edibles and created delicious gummies that pack a potent punch with each bite. From a myriad of mouth-watering flavors to ample THC levels, cannabis enthusiasts in Canada are blessed to have a brand like Shipwreck Edibles in their backyard.

Shipwreck Edibles’ Products

Now, let’s take a look at the products that Shipwreck Edibles has to offer!

Shipwreck Edibles focuses on cannabis-infused gummies that are a pleasure to eat. Here’s a list of flavors that are for sale that you can choose from:

Depending on your taste— one or all of these flavors are all well worth a try. Believe us when we say — each flavor actually tastes like real fruit. As you enjoy the natural flavors within the edible — the underlying THC begins to work with your body.

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Aside from palate-pleasing flavor, each gummy is loaded with 10mg of THC. Each Shipwreck Edibles pack contains 15 gummies, which translates into 150mg of total THC.

With 150mg of THC at your fingertips — it’s a no-brainer to buy Shipwreck Edibles’ potent treats. Finally, Shipwreck Edibles’ Gummy Edibles are discrete and easily fit in a small bag or pocket. Whether you’re always on the go or not — Shipwreck Edibles’ Gummies are must-have products for any cannabis enthusiast in Canada.

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The Effects of Shipwreck Edibles’ Gummies

Once you’ve eaten one or more of Shipwreck Edibles’ gummies — it’s time to kick back and wait for the effects to begin.

After 1-2-hours, you’ll start to feel the onset of effects. By the three-hour mark — you’ll be riding the green wave of bliss that relaxes the mind and body. Overall, Shipwreck Edibles’ Gummies offer hours of relief from:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Insomnia

Aside from medical effects, Shipwreck Edibles’ Gummies are the perfect treat for a long hike or relaxing at home.

However, we recommend that you start with a single gummy to find the perfect dose. The golden rule of edibles is to start slow and increase your dosage over time. By following this method, you’ll always have the best possible experience!

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Where to Buy Shipwreck Edibles’ Gummy Edibles?

If you’re ready to rip open a pack of edibles and get rekt— make sure it’s from Shipwreck Edibles!

You’ll always find Shipwreck Edibles in stock and available at Canada’s premier online cannabis dispensary —Platinum Herbal Care. From deep discounts to a wide edible selection, you’ll be thrilled once your Shipwreck Edibles arrive at your door in Canada.

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