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Best Cannagar in Canada: How to Order Online

royal flavors blunt cannagars pineapple drip

Whether you’re in a festive mood or you prefer a few solo puffs— there’s nothing that beats a weed-packed cannagar. If you’re ready to learn how to buy cannagars online in Canada — look no further than this informative guide. Step One – How to Buy Cannagars Online in Canada First, you’ll need to find a […]

5 Reasons Why Recreational Endurance Athletes Love Cannabis

5 reasons why recreational endurance athletes love cannabis

It always comes as a surprise when elite athletes admit they love cannabis. The myth that cannabis makes you lazy has become a thing of the past because more active types use cannabis products more than ever. From long-distance trail runners to professional cyclists, cannabis is a go-to product that’s ideal for those that log a ton of kilometers. Read along […]

8 Best Cannabis Strains For Pain Relief

8 best cannabis strains for pain relief

Whether it’s a small ache or debilitating pain — cannabis is a useful substance that’s been used throughout the centuries to promote pain relief. If you’re ready to put pain in the rearview, join us as we list the eight best cannabis strains for pain relief. 1 – Alien OG If you want unadulterated pain relief — look no […]

5 Best Cannabis Strains for Cancer Relief

5 best cannabis strains for cancer relief

Cancer is a prominent health issue in Canada. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada, with over 30% of deaths attributed to this mysterious disease. Treatments, such as pharmaceutical pills and chemotherapy, are popular management techniques; however, these methods aren’t always the best option. Mounting evidence points towards cannabis as a powerful substance in […]

Buying Cannabis in the Age of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

buying cannabis in the age of coronavirus covid 19

The world is facing an unprecedented event. The Novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has forced global economies to a screeching halt. Countless countries have mandated that non-essential businesses shut down for an indefinite amount of time – which directly affects cannabis dispensaries. Canada has followed in the footsteps of much of the world, which […]

Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains from British Columbia Canada

top 10 best cannabis strains from british columbia canada

It’s that time of the year to announce the top 10 best cannabis strains from British Columbia, Canada. If you’re ready to stock up on the best cannabis in BC, then look no further than this list of sky-high Sativas, couch-locking Indicas, and all-day Hybrids.  Alien OG We couldn’t help but immediately begin this with Alien […]

What Are Terpenes and Why Are Cannabis Terpenes Important?

what are terpenes and why are cannabis terpenes important

After countless hours of in-depth research, scientists have found that terpenes found within cannabis plants play an essential role. Additionally, these organic compounds are responsible for the aroma and flavor of each cannabis strain. Read along to learn how terpenes make you feel, how they can be used medicinally, and why you should pay attention […]

Popular Cannabis Sativa Strains: Our List of Top Sativas

popular cannabis sativa strains our list of top sativas

When it comes to Sativa strains, what’s there not to love? We’ve compiled a list of the most popular Sativa cannabis strains so you can cut to the chase and find the best that the marijuana world has to offer. Grapefruit The Grapefruit cannabis strain from Platinum Herbal Care is one of our top picks […]

A Close Look at The Alien OG Strain: What Is It and How Will It Make You Feel?


The Alien OG cannabis strain is well-known among marijuana connoisseurs for its out-of-this-world effects. If you’ve been searching for the holy grail of Hybrids, then don’t look further than this picture-perfect strain. Join us as we take an in-depth look into Alien OG to describe how it came to be, how it will make you […]

5 Situations When Marijuana Edibles Might Be Bad For You

5 situations when marijuana edibles might be bad for you

Cannabis-based edibles are an enjoyable way to experience a long-lasting high, especially when you’re in a safe place. There are times when consuming edibles isn’t such a good idea, and we’re here to describe each scenario that you should avoid when indulging in marijuana-infused edibles. Consuming Edibles At Work Are marijuana edibles bad for you? […]

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