Top 10 Cannabis Strains For Relaxing and Stress Relief

top 10 cannabis strains for relaxing and stress relief

With so many options, it’s a challenge to find the best cannabis strains for relaxing and stress relief. Join us as we search for the best marijuana strains that’ll allow you to relax your mind and body; as well as eradicate any stress you may have.

Alien OG

Alien OG (Hybrid) Buy Online Canada

The Alien OG cannabis strain is a flower that’s filled to the brim with anti-stress effects. This ultra-potent variety was bred by combining Tahoe OG and Alien Kush – two of California’s flagship strains.

One puff from this powerhouse and it’s unlikely you’ll be worried about anything. Alien OG has routinely tested at 28% THC, which means you’re in for some heavyweight effects. If you need stress relief and a hefty dose of relaxation – this is it.

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Blue Dream’s Daydream

Blue Dream’s Daydream is an epic take on the ultra-famous Blue Dream cannabis strain. This hybrid was created to annihilate any form of stress. It’s crystal-coated structure, intense berry aroma, and dreamlike effects are all common traits when dealing with this coveted strain.

When you’re ready to find Nirvana for the next 3-hours, look no further than Blue Dream’s Daydream.

Earth Bubba


Are you a fan of Earth-shattering Indicas? Do you need a massive dose of THC that will numb every inch of your body? If so, then look no further than Earth Bubba. This top-rated strain is beyond medicinal, and your mind and body will thank you for it.

Earth Bubba hails from Sour OG and Ghost OG, two classics that produced a strain that acts as your personal masseuse. When you need to hit the time-out button, Earth Bubba is there for you.

 Holy Grail Kush


The majority of cannabis strain names are more for show than anything, but Holy Grail Kush is the real deal. This indica-dominant hybrid is a diamond in the rough, and she’ll have you counting sheep before you get a chance to take a second hit.


The LA OG cannabis strain is perfect for anyone that needs to unwind and take a break from reality. All the worries that fill your mind will be instantly eviscerated, and you’ll be left in an extreme state of bliss. Each hit from this classic indica is similar to a wave crashing down on you. In this case, your senses are enveloped in a blanket of comfort that lasts for hours.

Jedi Kush

The Jedi Kush cannabis strain will make you feel one with the Force. When life’s difficulties have you overwhelmed, the best way to battle it is to become a Jedi. Jedi Kush is the perfect hybrid that has all the qualities you’ve been looking for: profound relaxation and a stress-free feeling.

Jedi Kush was created by mixing some of the best genetics in the galaxy, such as Death Star and SFV OG Kush. Once you inhale the silky smoke of this terpene packed strain, you’ll never want to come down.

Lemon Kush


The Lemon Kush cannabis strain is mouth-watering, narcotic-like, and an absolute show-stopper. This indica boasts massive THC levels, and it’ll be a challenge to put it down once your taste buds experience this flavor.

MK Ultra


If you’re looking to fall into a trance, then MK Ultra is your best bet. This hard-hitting indica is like no other, and you’ll feel your mind being dragged into a state of bliss that you’ve never experienced before.

The effects inherited by OG Kush and G-13 are unrivaled, which is why MK Ultra ranks as one of the best strains for relaxation and pain relief.

Love Bubba


The Love Bubba strain is based on the time-tested Bubba Kush. This is one of the most famous strains in the cannabis industry, and you’ll understand why after your first puff. Immediately after you exhale the silky smoke from your lungs, your body will become glued to your couch. It’s unlikely that you can pull yourself away from a comfortable spot once you’re under the influence of Love Bubba.

Rockstar Kush

Rockstar Kush (Indica) Buy Online Canada

Although being a rockstar sounds like a lot of stress, Rockstar Kush is your golden ticket to a life filled with euphoria, happiness, and levels of relaxation that you didn’t even think were possible. Once you indulge in Rockstar Kush, there’s no going back. When you’re ready to draw the curtain on stress, anxiety, and depression – break into a jar of Rockstar Kush.

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