Top 5 Indica Strains You Can Buy in Canada

top 5 indica strains you can buy in canada

We all know that Canada is the ultimate cannabis paradise.

However, finding the best indica strain proves difficult, even downright impossible at times. Many Canadian cannabis enthusiasts seek the body-numbing and tranquil effects that indicas have to offer. Whether it’s for recreational or medical use — indica strains are the preferred variety for most.

Luckily for you, buying cannabis online has never been easier. Read along as we look at the top 5 indica strains for sale online in Canada.

5. Lemon Kush

If you’re looking for loud terpenes and an onslaught of potency —Lemon Kush is a match-made-in-heaven.

Lemon Kush is one of Canada’s best indica strains, which is why it’s almost always sold out.

The effects of Lemon Kush are genuinely breathtaking. Expect to bask in euphoria, relaxation, and pain relief for hours-on-end. Whether you need medical-grade weed or an indica to help you relax after a long day — Lemon Kush is a must-have.

4. OG Kush

What list would this be without OG Kush?

Possibly the most famous indica of all, OG Kush is a must-have cannabis strain at all times. Known for its therapeutic and recreational effects, OG Kush is one of Canada’s best indica strains.

From its sweet and hashy terpene profile to its gorgeous bag appeal, you’ll never be dissatisfied with OG Kush’s dense nugs. Expect a tidal wave of relaxation, euphoria, and outright happiness once you indulge in OG Kush flowers.

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3. Platinum Bubba Kush

If your goal is to nip the pain in the budor hit the hay as soon as possible, look no further than Platinum Bubba Kush.

From hash-bar and coffee flavors to bone-crushing potency, Platinum Bubba Kush is an indica strain that you need to find for sale. Beginners beware — Platinum Bubba Kush is genuinely potent and is known as a one-hit-quit variety.

If you’re ready to feel stoned-to-the-bone, Platinum Bubba Kush is one of the best indicas available in Canada.

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2. UBC Chemo

If you need to relieve any form of discomfort, open up the medicine cabinet and reach for UBC Chemo flowers.

UBC Chemo was bred for medical marijuana patients — especially for those undergoing chemotherapy. From extreme pain relief to appetite stimulation, UBC Chemo is a tried-and-true indica.

If you’re looking for the most effective indica strain for sale in Canada, look no further than UBC Chemo.

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1. MK Ultra

Don’t worry —MK Ultra isn’t here to control your mind. Instead, MK Ultra flowers are here to soothe your body and cleanse your mind. Free yourself from daily stressors and medical issues, such as pain, inflammation, appetite loss, depression, and more.

Noted as one of the best indica strains in Canada, MK Ultra will never let you down. From mouth-watering terpenes to an avalanche of resin coverage, MK Ultra’s quality is second-to-none.

Where to Find The Best Indicas in Canada

It’s challenging to find any of these top indica strain in Canadian dispensaries, let alone all of them.

Luckily for you, you can find each of these indicas, and more, online at Platinum Herbal Care. Ranked as Canada’s best online dispensary, you’ll find high-quality indicas at the most affordable prices. 

There’s no better time than now to stock your jars with the best indica strains in Canada with the help of Platinum Herbal Care.

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