What Are Terpenes and Why Are Cannabis Terpenes Important?

what are terpenes and why are cannabis terpenes important

After countless hours of in-depth research, scientists have found that terpenes found within cannabis plants play an essential role. Additionally, these organic compounds are responsible for the aroma and flavor of each cannabis strain. Read along to learn how terpenes make you feel, how they can be used medicinally, and why you should pay attention to terpene concentrations.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic organic compounds that originally evolved in plants to repel predators and attract beneficial organisms. The entire plant kingdom contains terpenes, and researchers believe that there are over 20,000 unique terpenes that exist in the world today. It’s been found that cannabis plants contain over 200 distinct terpenes.

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What Do Terpenes Do and How Do They Work?

Terpenes were once thought to only play a role in the flavor and aroma of plant leaves and flowers. However, terpenes appear to produce not only the flavors and scents that we’ve come to know and love in cannabis – but also to enhance the effects we experience when indulging in cannabis.

Terpenes have been linked with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids through a popularized term called the entourage effect. This effect describes the synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes. When users consume cannabis strains that contain a full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, they feel an enhanced experience.

Specific terpenes give particular effects. For example, linalool is the primary terpene found in lavender. The relaxing and mood-enhancing effects that linalool produces in lavender also provides the same effects in cannabis strains.

A-pinene, the primary terpene that’s responsible for the fresh scent of pine needles, is also commonly found in cannabis strains. This terpene is known to produce heightened awareness and the ability to help with short term memory loss.

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Myrcene, a terpene that’s commonly found in hops and mangoes, is one of the abundant terpenes found in marijuana strains. This terpene has been studied for its muscle relaxing and couch-lock inducing effects. It’s no wonder why Indica cannabis strains contain a large amount of myrcene – as they are known to send you straight to bed.

These terpenes, and more work by interacting with the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids. Certain terpenes trigger certain compounds that relieve pain, such as the TRPV1 protein.

Ultimately, terpenes influence cannabinoids and vice versa. Research shows that the effectiveness of terpenes drops if the concentration of cannabinoids decreases as well. It’s for this reason that you should always obtain cannabis products that are abundant in both cannabinoids and terpenes.

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What Do Terpenes Smell Like?

Terpenes have a nearly unlimited amount of scents that they can produce. This is also compounded by the fact that cannabis strain can be crossed, which results in an even greater variety of terpene mixtures.

Citrus of all varieties, cherries, hashish, fuel, fresh-baked muffins, cookie dough, Turkish figs, fresh soil, pine needles, black pepper, blueberries, and so much more are aromas and flavors that you can expect from the terpenes found in cannabis.

The world of cannabis terpenes is vast, and your nostrils and taste buds will never get bored when indulging in any marijuana strain.

Platinum Herbal Care’s Dedication To Terpene Retention

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