What Type of Marijuana Edibles Are The Best?


The cannabis industry has ballooned in the last few years since legalization, and this has brought forth an endless list of marijuana products. One of the most popular products are marijuana edibles, but even these have a wide variety of types to choose from. Join us as we take a look at which marijuana edibles are the best.

THC-Infused Candy

For one reason or another, gummies infused with hefty doses of THC are incredibly popular. These marijuana edibles are similar to the candies that are routinely found in convenience stores. They also come in small blocks that have the same consistency as fruit-based candies but are loaded with THC.

If you’re on the hunt for gummy-based edibles, then look no further than the potent THC Gummy Bears. This product is filled with 150mg of THC at 10mg per gummy bear. This product is the best “gummy bear” because it contains a large dose of THC, but is divided into smaller doses for those that are trying marijuana edibles for the first time.

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The THC Gummy Bears also come in various types, which is an additional plus when comparing them to competitors. You can purchase indica, sativa, and hybrid gummy bears so you can customize your experience – every time.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, but don’t want a plain block or teddy bear-shaped candy, then a lollipop is your next best option. Jolly Reefers offers incredibly potent lollipops that come in multiple flavors to choose from. The flavors are mouth-watering to the extreme, and they contain THC distillate that’s bursting with strength.

Baked Marijuana Edibles

Aside from candy, baked marijuana edibles are very popular amongst cannabis enthusiasts. Most people rely on brownies, cookies, and rice crispy treats; but we picked this Peanut Butter Cup as the best-baked marijuana edible. This bite-size marijuana edible contains an eye-popping 80mg of THC, which will devastate anyone who underestimates it.

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For many, baked marijuana edibles are the preferred way to ingest cannabis, and this Peanut Butter Cup is an exciting twist because it differs from the ubiquitous brownie or cookie.

Which Type of Marijuana Edible is The Best?

After taking a look at each of these marijuana edibles, we can’t say that one marijuana edible is better than the rest. Each person has a personal opinion that will sway their decision when it comes to choosing a marijuana edible. Some prefer candy, others prefer baked goods – it’s this idea of preference that has kept marijuana edible companies interesting.

So, although there are cannabis edibles that are the best within their category, we can’t claim that one type of marijuana edibles trumps the rest. Besides, it’s far more interesting to try all the different types of marijuana edibles that are available.

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