Will 95% THC Oil Vape Pens Get You Higher Than Actual Bud?

will 95 thc oil vape pens get you higher than actual bud scaled

Breakthrough extraction technology has allowed cannabis companies to create ultra-potent marijuana oil. When compared to traditional flowers, marijuana concentrates seem to be in a class of their own in terms of potency. Let’s take a look a which marijuana oil products will get you higher than actual bud, and which flowers put up a fight against THC oil that can be vaped.

THC Potential of Buds

After months of tedious growth, cultivators harvest their crops. The crop of cannabis is its’ flowers, which are then dried and cured. Once this process is complete, they’re packaged and shipped to be sold around Canada.

Although each marijuana flower is handled with care, they do have a limit in terms of their potency. The average cannabis strain contains roughly 16% THC. However, certain strains are more endowed in the THC department and can reach upwards of 35% THC. So far, 35% THC is the record for THC within the bud.

There are stand-out strains that you should look for, as they contain an unusually high percentage of THC. One example is Bruce Banner, which is an indica-dominant hybrid that is capable of reaching 32% THC. Bruce Banner nearly hit the record, but this is one of the few cannabis strains that’s produced commercially at these levels.

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Another example is UBC Chemo, which tests as high as 29% THC. This marijuana strain was bred specifically for medicinal purposes, such as treating those who are undergoing chemotherapy. These levels of THC offer intense effects, such as a deep sense of relaxation and extreme euphoria. Additionally, they offer medicinal qualities, such as relief from depression, anxiety, and nausea.

Another excellent example of a high-THC strain is Alien OG. This exceptional hybrid boasts 28% THC when lab-tested, which is getting very close to the much desired 30% mark.

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THC Oil Distillate

THC oil distillate is by far in a league of its own when it comes to getting high. There are few standout products, but the THC distillate oil that outshines the rest is PHC’s Distillate. It tests at a mind-boggling 95% THC, which is other-worldly when compared with THC concentrations found in flowers.

THC distillate is a revolutionary cannabis product that can be vaped, eaten, or smoked. Whatever method you choose, you’re going to become profoundly high. THC oil distillate is made by removing everything besides THC, such as lipids, chlorophyll, and other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBG).

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Which is Stronger?

When you vape 95% THC oil from a vape pen, you’ll be far higher than smoking actual bud. The reason for this is the fact that THC oil contains a higher concentration of THC. The effects are more surreal, and you’ll likely become overwhelmed if you’re new to THC oil.

Health Implications

While 95% THC oil offers a more intense experience, it’s important to consider its health implications. High-THC products can induce stronger psychoactive effects, which might not be suitable for all users, particularly those with a lower tolerance or pre-existing mental health conditions. Compared to lower THC concentrations found in buds, high-THC products like oils can lead to more pronounced effects, including heightened sensory perception and altered cognitive function.

Risk of Overconsumption

The overconsumption of high-potency THC products poses significant risks. High concentrations of THC, like those found in 95% THC oil, can lead to adverse psychological effects, including paranoia, anxiety, and in rare cases, temporary psychotic symptoms. Users new to cannabis or those with a low tolerance should be particularly cautious.

Tolerance Development

Regular use of high-THC products can lead to increased tolerance, requiring users to consume more to achieve the same effects. This escalation can pose risks, as higher doses can amplify negative side effects. Users should be aware of their consumption habits and consider regular tolerance breaks.

Differences in Experience

Using high-potency THC oil differs significantly from traditional buds. The immediate and intense effects of THC oil can be overwhelming compared to the more gradual and controllable high of smoking buds. The experience with THC oil is often described as more cerebral and intense, while buds tend to offer a more balanced, whole-body effect.

Extraction and Production Methods

The production of 95% THC oil involves advanced extraction methods, typically using solvents like CO2 or ethanol to isolate and concentrate THC. While these methods produce a highly potent product, they also remove other cannabinoids and terpenes, potentially altering the overall effects. Quality control and extraction methods are crucial in ensuring the safety and efficacy of the final product.

Consumer Recommendations

For those considering high-potency THC products, start with a very small amount and wait to gauge the effects. Be in a safe and comfortable environment, and avoid mixing with alcohol or other substances. For novice users, it is recommended to begin with lower THC products and gradually work up to higher concentrations.

Medical vs. Recreational Use

The use of high-THC products for medical purposes should be guided by a healthcare professional, as the therapeutic dose can vary greatly from recreational use. Medical users might benefit from the potent relief offered by THC oil, but should be mindful of the potential for increased tolerance and side effects.

Alternative Concentrate Forms

Besides THC oil, there are other cannabis concentrates like shatter, wax, or resin. Each form has its own characteristics and potency levels. Shatter and wax are solid concentrates, often vaped or dabbed, offering a different user experience compared to the more fluid THC oil. Users should understand the distinct properties and potencies of these concentrates to choose the form that best suits their preferences and tolerance levels.

Incorporating these topics into the article would provide a more comprehensive and responsible perspective on the use of high-THC cannabis products, particularly for those new to cannabis or considering transitioning from traditional buds to concentrates.

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