Are Weed Strains Really That Different From Each Other?

are weed strains really that different from each other

Are weed strains really that different? This question commonly comes up in cannabis dispensaries across each legal state. Join us as we delve into the differences between indicas, sativas, and hybrids; and how each affects you.


When you’re perusing through a marijuana dispensary, you’ll come across many indica strains. Indica strains are notably different in appearance because the flowers are small and dense. Indicas are the most popular cannabis variety because their effects are sedating, and at times, narcotic.

Indica strains are known to help you sleep, decrease pain, and relax your entire body. These strains aren’t meant to be consumed when you have a long to-do list, but instead, when your day is over, and you’re ready to unwind fully.

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Sativas are well known for their mind-altering properties. These tropical strains create an electric mental high, rather than a body high. Many people use sativa strains to give them a jolt of energy, similar to that of caffeine. Once you’re under the influence of a powerful sativa, you might find yourself performing a Spring cleaning in the Fall.

Sativas are also known to relieve social anxiety, depression, and boost creativity. Other common effects of sativas are unstoppable bouts of laughter and a strong sense of euphoria. These large and fluffy flowers are distinctive when compared with the small stature of indica buds.

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Hybrids are a mixture of sativas and indicas. By breeding a sativa and indica, the offspring contain genes from both of the parents. This means that they’ll exhibit both sativa and indica qualities. Depending on the strains used, a hybrid may leave you feeling energetic at first, but incredibly sleepy afterward.

Hybrids are the most common types of cannabis strains that you’ll find in a cannabis dispensary. It’s crucial that you know which strains are the parents to a particular hybrid, as this information will allow you to gauge which effects to expect.

So, Are Weed Strains Really That Different?

Absolutely. Another massive difference between strains is their aroma and flavor profile. Each strain contains a specific amount of terpenes, which are responsible for its’ scent and flavor. An example is when you smoke Larry OG, and you taste the full-frontal blast of Pinesol and lemons. Now compare that with Girl Scout Cookies’ strong taste of dank cookie dough.

There are thousands of cannabis strains that fall under the sativa, indica, and hybrid categories. This means that there’s an infinite number of differences when it comes it cannabis strains. So, the next time you wonder if weed strains are really that different, simply try two different cannabis strains and pay attention to the effect, aroma, and taste. Once you realize that weed strains are very different, you’ll never look at cannabis varieties the same.

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